"... Paper-less pass system with self-service options that minimize overheads and permits minimal mistakes in data capture not only makes the process more user-friendly but can also keep the costs down thereby providing more options and features to the citizens, ..."

Many public transportation agencies, both private and public, offer travel passes to travellers that frequently use their services. Often the traveller gets to benefit if he chooses to invest in a travel pass. Most public sector transportation agencies backed by public welfare schemes supported by the Government offer a variety of travel pass schemes to help citizens for their regular commute activities - these include, but are not limited to, senior citizen passes, student passes, passes for physically disadvantaged, etc.

Travel Pass System, a web Application available in both Java and PHP, covers the entire pass life cycle, including:

  • Applicant registration
  • Submission of an application for a suitable pass
  • Verification of an application
  • Validation of an application
  • Issue of travel pass
  • Renewal and/or expiry of pass

This Application covers additional scenarios as well:

  • Multiple passes for a candidate
  • Variety of pricing schemes including special promos/discounts
  • Ability to print a pass as many times as needed by the candidate
  • Pass available in QR code format - amenable for quick check by invigilators on the go using a smart device
  • Issue of travel passes
  • Renewal and/or expiry of passes

To ensure that travel pass business scenarios are ably supported with minimal overheads for the businesses and maximum usability for the travel pass applicants as well as travel pass holders, SRISYS has conceptualized, designed and developed a technologically advanced and quite flexible application that can serve both business and government agencies with equal flair.

SRISYS has also considered the following in the development of this Application:

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Aesthetics
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Analytics
  • Data Security Concerns