"... developed for travel fanatics, especially to India as a travel destination, to showcase events, carnivals, exhibitions among others. Once downloaded, the visitors can discover the most exciting features and secrets of different points of attraction, plan a perfect outdoor trip and find detailed information, facilities, maps, directions, programs and cultural activities, amenities, ..."

With its rich flora, fauna, royal palaces, pristine beaches, religious places, and much more, India has long been a destination for tourists across the globe. Taj Mahal, The Himalayas, River Ganges, Ajanta and Ellora Caves and such other exotic locations only add more color to the already colorful India. Of late, with the enrichment of medical facilities clubbed with the global following of age-old and traditional Ayurveda, India has also become a destination for medical tourism. It is only a matter of time when India dominates the world nations as a country to go to.

Though we have massive literature compiled on India for tourists to use, most of it is present in print media. With the explosion of the use of internet, some of this literature has found its way into this medium as well - including videos available on Youtube. But the limitations of such literature abound - as it is not comprehensive, not mobile enabled and not available in a mobile application. There have been multiple recent attempts to plug this gap resulting in, but to a limited extent, a handful of mobile applications on the popular Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

Seeing this glaring gap, SRISYS has designed and developed its "Tour India App" as a freely downloadable mobile application from any of the Android, iOS and Windows platforms. With content presented on 5000+ places of attraction covering the entire nation, probably it is the most comprehensive of all such applications.

Tour India App is built with the following objectives:

  • Provide an avenue to tourists across the globe to know about as many places of attraction in India as possible
  • Organize places of attraction by regions, states, zones, etc
  • Enable filters for the tourists to list out specific places of attraction per their interest
  • For each entry in the app, provide text, images, videos and audios to the extent possible - so the tourists can get a reasonable understanding of the place of attraction of their choice
  • Capture and list events against each place of attraction - so the tourists can schedule their visits accordingly
  • Display "Near by" places against each place of attraction
  • Support the tourists with inputs on infrastructural information - such as hotels, restaurants
  • Provide directional inputs for easy navigation to the places of attraction

SRISYS has also considered the following in the development of this Application:

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Aesthetics
  • Total Cost of Maintenance
  • Data Security Concerns