"... an IT product or a service is as good as the skilled resources involved in the design, development or delivery of the offering ..."

Technical staffing present every business with a dilemma: how to find the right people without consuming a company's valuable time and resources. SRISYS approaches client staff augmentation needs with a singular thought in mind: you're looking for the best resources one can get. We are not simply a personnel agency. Prospective employees are not interviewed by commissioned salesmen. Resume` reviews and interviews for enterprise and highly experienced professionals are conducted by our firm's principals – professional, highly experienced Solution Architects and Implementation Champions. "Why would you want a commissioned salesman, instead of an experienced and hands-on Project Manager, to interview a prospect for Project Manager?"

When a prospective employee is interviewed at SRISYS, we want to know about the challenges they've faced – and what they did about them. Interviews are very different when the interviewers know their field inside and out. We are not asking about where prospects "see themselves in five years from now." But instead, we want to know about their solutions. We are specialists in ERP Implementations and Applications Design; we know what the questions are and more importantly what the answers should be.

All prospective employees are fully vetted. SRISYS checks references and certifications, conducts standard background checks and can provide clients with viable candidates who will meet Citizenship/Visa requirements, and if needed Security Clearance Requirements. At SRISYS, we provide Temporary, Temp-to-Hire and Direct-Hire Staffing Services for our clients. From Project Management professionals to Designers, SRISYS offers a qualified staffing solution to meet the customers' needs - now and into the future.