"... developed for Park Owners and/or Organizers to showcase the events, carnivals, exhibitions among others organized in their establishments. Once enabled, the visitors can discover the most exciting features and secrets of different parks, plan a perfect outdoor trip and find detailed information, facilities, maps, directions, programs and cultural activities, amenities, ..."

Every parks system across the globe would have been designed, developed and maintained to keep the local citizens as well as tourists from far off places attracted and make them visit to enjoy the places of attraction. Despite heavy investments going in to such parks system's infrastructure, naturally it hurts to see that visitors and tourists find it difficult to get enough and/or detailed information on demand.

Given the advances in the web and mobile technologies, costs have come down tremendously to quickly enable a suitable mobile application that can help parks systems to not only organize their data internally about their points of attraction but to share the same to the masses across the globe - thereby drawing more folks to visit their facilities.

Given the nature of their business, parks systems may want to offer this Mobile Application as a freebie - yet the revenues that can be driven thru increased visitor population will greatly compensate for the capital investment in acquiring and operational costs in maintaining such an application.

Against this backdrop, SRISYS has conceptualized, designed and developed a Mobile Application platform, titled Parks App, whereby any parks system can quickly enable their data and launch the mobile application for themselves. This is available in all four popular mobile platforms, namely Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry. Once invested into Parks App, any parks system will be able to launch their own mobile app in as much time as it would take them to prepare data - including text, images, audios and videos.

Parks App is built with the following objectives:

  • Provide an avenue to tourists across the globe to know about as many places of attraction about a parks system as possible
  • Organize places of attraction by regions, states, zones, etc
  • Enable filters for the tourists to list out specific places of attraction per their interest
  • For each entry in the app, provide text, images, videos and audios to the extent possible - so the tourists can get a reasonable understanding of the place of attraction of their choice
  • Capture and list events against each place of attraction - so the tourists can schedule their visits accordingly
  • Display "Near by" places against each place of attraction
  • Support the tourists with inputs on infrastructural information - such as hotels, restaurants
  • Provide directional inputs for easy navigation to the places of attraction

SRISYS has also considered the following in the development of Parks App:

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Aesthetics
  • Total Cost of Maintenance
  • Data Security Concerns