"... This Mobile App is first of its kind conceptualized, designed and developed by SRISYS Products Team - offering features for corporates to manage internal space thru' Indoor Navigation, Seat Tagging, Room Reservations, and manage time thru' 'Employee/Contact Listing', 'Sharing of Calendar Events', and 'Event Registrations' among others ..."

With the advancements achieved in Information Technology, most enterprises, small or large, private or public, are finding their offices and resources more mobile. This involves not just the use of mobile devices, but primarily getting the business tasks taken care while on the go. Concepts such as telecommuting, work-from-home, work-on-the-go, though appear to add much to the infrastructural costs but indeed adding much to both top and bottom lines.

Gone are the days where sales folks have to come to their offices to report on their daily activities. In fact even the resources in almost all the departments, probably barring the warehousing, appear to be going more mobile than ever while conducting their business activities.

This phenomenon has a direct impact on how the enterprises would want to plan for and provide physical space for their resources. The space that could have accommodated say about 1000 resources now can easily support over 1200-1300 resources - naturally this would require enterprises to not dedicate space for individuals but instead designate space for specific purposes.

Against this backdrop, SRISYS has conceptualized, designed and developed a business application that has both web and mobile front ends, which not only helps with effective space utilization, but also with added features such as Room reservations, Seat Tags, People Finder among others. This application, when deployed, is expected to save millions of dollars for each sizable facility over the life of it.

Primary objectives that SRISYS has set to be served using Indoor MapApp include:

  • Enterprises should be able to get their facilities floor plans mapped into the Indoor MapApp
  • Rooms and seats along with the pathways can be clearly demarcated on the floor plans within each facility
  • Rooms and seats can be defined to be reservable and taggable respectively
  • People resources should be loaded to support People Finder feature
  • Once launched, resources should be able to find other resources - not just from contact details point of view, but also locate them within a facility if they have tagged into a seat
  • Resources should be able to reserve rooms for their group activities
  • Resources should be able to tag against seats for their daily in-office activities
  • Resources can tag out, to free up a seat; and close out a reservation against a room, to free it up
  • Resources should be able to find navigational directions to a resource, seat, or room - both to and from
  • Management should be able to draw usage statistics for each room and/or seat - on a LTD, YTD, QTD and MTD basis
  • Management should be able to take decisions on space utilization as well as infrastructural development projects
  • Management can also track attendance, especially to the extent the seats are tagged

SRISYS has also considered the following in the development of Indoor MapApp:

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Aesthetics
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Analytics
  • Data Security Concerns