"... In these days of decreasing loyalties, increasing expectations on service levels, growing competition, an enterprise must have elaborate ways and means to receive inputs on grievances from customers, employees and public at large - and bring them to a logical closure ..."

Grievances are common phenomena when people come together in social groups - something or other is an issue for some one or other, despite the best intents with which the people would have come together to begin with. In business enterprise context, it acquires much greater importance, for there would be internal resources (viz employees) as well as external resources (viz customers, visitors, prospective employees, etc) who may have grievances.

Whether it is a private or public enterprise, whether it comes from internal or external resources, a grievance is a grievance and must be addressed at the earliest. For long, most businesses have evolved reasonable logging mechanism so the grievances could be addressed - but it is more paper based, and the data so captured is not necessarily amenable to easy analysis.

This is where precisely information technology can come into the play - not only to permit the resources log in the grievance directly into an application, but also track the same to its closure.

Noticing a clear gap in the currently available set of tools to support Grievance Management, SRISYS has felt that it can bring out, using its deep product development capabilities, a very robust and yet easy-to-use application.

Primary objectives that SRISYS has set to be served using Grievance Management System application include:

  • Resources, internal as well as external, should be able to submit grievances to an enterprise thru an application that is web enabled
  • Once submitted, a grievance should be easily tracked by the resource
  • There should be appropriate update information flowing from the enterprise to the resource who logged in the grievance
  • Each grievance, based on its type, will have a life cycle thru which it passes till it gets closed
  • Relevant documents, including text, images, audios, and videos can be uploaded and maintained against a grievance record, as needed
  • All the documents uploaded against a grievance is downloadable on demand
  • Reports, both analytical and transactional, should be available on demand
  • Time stamps will need to be recorded as the status changes on a grievance - to help track wait times
  • Enterprise management must be equipped with pre-built analytics so grievances can be minimized; and for the unavoidable ones, wait times can be minimized

To ensure that resources and their grievances are ably supported to log in and track their grievances, and the management to handle each grievance to its closure and communicate with these resources appropriately, SRISYS has designed and developed a technologically advanced and quite flexible application that can serve both business and government agencies with equal flair.

SRISYS has also considered the following in the development of this application:

  • Ease of Use and Maintenance
  • Scalability
  • Aesthetics
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Analytics
  • Data Security Concerns