"... SRISYS Products Team has developed Appointments Scheduler to serve a specific need in the market. There are many enterprises whose business is to arrange for resources thru' appointments pulled from service providers to serve specific needs of their customers - these include Translation Agencies, Cab Services, Tutoring Services, to name a few ..."

A compactly designed online Appointment Scheduling App consisting of high-end automated features acts like more than an assistant at the time of scheduling process. A SaaS based product from SRISYS, Appointments Scheduler optimizes manpower and maximizes solutions in scheduling appointments. Using this application software, businesses can schedule multiple appointments without fail in adjusting the schedules and assigning the tasks along with immediate response to their customers. Various extended features plugged within Appointments Scheduler result in instantaneous enhancement in business productivity and opportunity for the customers looking for various services. Its proactive and robust technology drives customers and service providers to get in contact directly without any middlemen.

Highlights of Appointments Scheduler

  • Flexible and customized to your business needs
  • Highly defined user-interface fits all devices
  • Enabled in multiple languages
  • Easy navigation to book appointments
  • Reduced no-shows and phone tags
  • Increased savings in money and time
  • Easy Reporting & tracking appointment history

Business can be of any type

  • Fitness studios
  • Language translators
  • Beauty & salons
  • Sports clubs
  • Personal trainers
  • Workspace rentals
  • Tours & cabs

It works for scheduling various events

  • Face-to-face appointments
  • Rental property shows
  • Interviews
  • Event & party registrations
  • Conference halls
  • Tutor visits
  • Doctor visits

Why Appointments Scheduler is best

For its quality and interoperability specific attributes, businesses can be more responsive to their customers and also reduce no-shows round the clock. Automatic sms alerts, e-mail triggering, generating bills & invoices are some of the more handy features enabled on this automated scheduler application which eases scheduling process. User-friendly calender aids in managing all available, unavailable and cancelled appointments of customers.

Competitive features built within Appointments Scheduler

  • Unique online Appointments Scheduler to connect with worldwide resources
  • Easy access from anywhere using smart devices
  • Extended features help in automatic scheduling
  • Redefined interaction with customers & service providers
  • Auto check for available appointments based on location & interests of customers
  • Achieve anticipated results in finding resources & offering solutions
  • Provisioned with pioneering auditing and automatic invoicing & payment procedures
  • Transparent view of service providers' profiles, skills & background to the customers
  • Highly defined calendar view keeps up to date with future schedules
  • Billing management is processed through a direct export to QuickBooks either to online or desktop versions
  • Customized & automated scheduler app to achieve your business goals

No need of adding extra hardware and plug-ins

Installing certain business applications may require high end configurations to your system hardware. Here it is no matter of installations other than a small process of integration. Appointments Scheduler is fully SaaS (Software as a Service) based application and you can integrate to your business website & web enabled devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile devices, etc. It can be operated from anywhere and also used in multiple locations and offices across the world. You may be either small business or start-up, you can manage customer appointments, personnel and calendars to book various events over the web. From the starting point of appointment to the last stage of upgrades and data backup everything is automated and accomplished with Appointments Scheduler.

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Prior to purchase of Appointments Scheduler, you can match the features with your business requirements and guarantee your scheduling needs. Many features of this product are compared, concluded and confirmed as the best of scheduling solutions by our customers from different industries. The intelligence of this online scheduling app speaks more about its capabilities and how it could be the most integral part of your business.